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The Ultimate Real Life Escape Room Experience


Imprisoned in Alcatraz and driven almost insane with the inhumane conditions, you want nothing more than to break free from this fearsome fortress. In a nearby corridor, a violent riot has just broken out, and all prison guards have been summoned to restore order. Unguarded, you remain locked down inside the jail cell. You have one hour to uncover clues, solve puzzles and work with the other inmates to find the way out before the guard’s return. Do you have what it takes to escape?​​​​

Success Rate: 33%

Max. Players: 10

The Vault

Secret Agent IQ has been captured! Intel suggests he is being held captive deep inside a vault in the Arts District of downtown LA. Luckily, Agent IQ managed to leave some clues leading to his exact location. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to break into the vault and escape with Agent IQ. You’ll have to hurry, though — there’s only a 60-minute window for the rescue! Good Luck!

Success Rate: 35%

Max. Players: 10

Dr. Brown's Manor

Dr. Brown is missing! No one has heard from him since seven days ago. He had been in his manor furiously working on his time machine, shouting in the excitement that he was on the brink of discovering time travel. You need to break into Dr. Brown’s manor and find out what happened! But you must be swift and careful. Dr. Brown rigged his home out of paranoia. The moment you enter, an alarm will be triggered, and you will only have 60 minutes before the entire house self-destructs. Time is of the essence!

Success Rate: 4%

Max. Players: 8